It was the most important election of their lifetimes.

So much was riding on the results of the national elections. Everything could change for the better – but could also permanently change for the worse. And what was at the top of the list for possible changes? Gay rights.

So it was no surprise that the students of the university’s College Students for Gay Rights (CSGR) organization found themselves needing to make some serious decisions about how they could help with the upcoming election – and prevent the rights of gays from around the country from being rescinded and denied.

Stupid faggot with stupid thoughts in its head.

But as the spring term commenced, CSGR President Bradley brought a bold idea to a closed-door meeting of the membership.  He put forward that the individual members of the group should apply to be hired as interns and volunteers for congressional representatives around the country – but not for the liberal representatives.  Rather, they were to apply to help with the reelection campaigns of the conservative representatives from their home districts.

As the members of the CSGR were from all over the country, they had a good shot at getting their membership to infiltrate the campaigns of some of the most conservative members of the legislature.  And while sabotaging the conservative reelection campaigns from the inside, they could also secretly work to help the gay legislators who were also facing reelection campaigns – as well as the significant crop of new gay men hoping to increase the number of gays elected from 10 to a number that could surely bolster the liberal chances of protecting gay rights in the entire nation.

Throughout the spring, Bradley coordinated the volunteer/intern applications with the CSGR membership – helping fill out forms that were not very detailed in their resumes and work histories – so as not to reveal that these were gay men who had spent most of their lives fighting for progressive gay causes.  Their essays were brilliantly written to show how they were intent on changing the government for the better.  And all that the conservative offices would see were politically active young men who were enthusiastic about working on the conservative campaigns.

Before the summer break began, Bradley convened the CSGR for the last time of the school year – and reported to them the amazing news.  Members of their group had scored fourteen summer positions in the offices of the conservative representatives.  It was an amazing result – and made their secret plan already seem close to succeeding.  And with a vow of secrecy until after the fall election, the CSGR adjourned for the school year.

A few weeks later, the 14 CSGR students (including Bradley) had arrived in the capitol – having already discussed the details of their plan.  As members of the conservative reelection campaigns, they would find ways to disrupt the messaging in the campaigns – subtly making the candidates seem more liberal – which would turn off conservative voters.

The tactics were impressively executed. The text for campaign mailers were revised before being sent to the printers and mailed. The websites were secretly altered with less venomous remarks about gays – and to remove mention of any specific strategies for reducing the rights of gays. In addition, the social media accounts were sending out “blind” messages – advocating for better treatment of gays and less interference in their lives by the government. Volunteers were recruited and hired who were not the most conservative people. Online ads were edited just slightly – to send a less conservative message.

If these tactics worked correctly, they would either communicate a more tolerant message to the conservative voters – or repulse them enough to keep them from voting for these conservative representatives.  It was a strategy that couldn’t lose.

As the summer continued, the members of the CSGR had found locations where they could secretly meet – and share each other’s progress and strategies with each other.  They couldn’t believe how well their plan was working – and as they started to see their conservative candidates’ poll numbers dropping, they knew that they were doing everything right!

And they had also now made contact with the Gay Legislative Caucus – consisting of the 10 men who were current gay legislators.  Bradley and the 13 other CSGR “volunteers” filled them in on their infiltration of the conservative offices – and their plans to defeat them from the inside.  The gay legislators were ecstatic – and very impressed – with how these dedicated (and attractive) young men had weaponized their activism to reelect the current gay men and elect even more gay men to the legislature.

However, it was becoming tougher for the CSGR students to continue pretending to be conservative – and acting like they were straight was even more difficult!  And being young college guys in their prime, it was an enormous effort to try and not think about having sex with other men.  With so many good looking men working at the capitol, it was making the summer seem infinitely long.

But as the conservative poll numbers continued to slide, the CSGR men felt that they could now take a break once in a while and get some social relief.  But what could they do?  They couldn’t risk being seen at a gay bar – nor could they openly communicate with each other for fear of looking like more than “friends”.  And they couldn’t be caught having secret chats in the offices of the gay legislators.  Nor could they risk having larger group meetings of the CSGR students – and most certainly would not be able to have a gathering of all the CSGR men with the gay representatives.

So they were stuck – and horny.  And the summer was feeling longer and longer and more frustrating.

At one point, two of the CSGR students (Mitchell and Asher) found a way to secretly meet – slipping away from their respective conservative’s office to meet at one of the capitol restrooms – for a quick and naked homosexual encounter there.  It was a throwback to the secret sex of previous generations of workers in the capitol – when no one could be openly gay.

Notice that faggots all have very small penises. This disgusting rag has the nerve to play with its while getting fucked.

After having waited for so long, the sexual release was so powerful and earth-shattering – that Mitchell and Asher were immediately telling the other students about it.  And that made the others so sexually aroused as they wanted to get some relief too.  Bradley, very aroused himself, cautioned his men to not get carried away and to continue to exercise caution so that they wouldn’t be found out.  Just a few weeks before the election, the last thing they needed was for their cover to be blown – but they were just so horny.

This displaying of their penises is typical for small-dicked faggots. They are exhibitionists at heart.

But with the way things were looking in the polls, even Bradley had to concede that very little could turn the tide on the election – and that they were facing the real possibility of huge liberal victories around the country.

With victory in sight – but their mission of pretending to be on the conservative teams continuing – the CSGR men all dis-enrolled from the upcoming fall term at school.  The delay in graduation would be nothing compared to remaining in the capitol – and being witness to the historic event that would happen soon.

And with that excitement – came other kinds of excitement.  The men of the CSGR had now lasted the entire summer with limited – or no – sexual activity.  And now the autumn had been more of the same.

With two weeks before the election, the dam broke loose – and the men of CSGR started to utilize the capitol restrooms more often – finding every single available stall to do the nasty homosexual dance in.  

And after having denied themselves for so long, the 14 of them – yes, including CSGR president Bradley – were using their penises on each other in all the homosexual ways – in various restrooms in the capitol.  All the gay activist penises were being pleasured by gay men who had been denied their cocksucking for so long!

Notice how eager and depraved the faggots look as they suck cock.

With so much relief – and so much opportunity – the 14 young men started to lose track of time for their various secret meetings – lost in the perverted pleasures of homosexual penis and unable to pull themselves away from the dirty activities that defined them as homosexuals.

Suits or no suits, thems some faggots.

So it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that their absence from their representatives’ office – during the very urgent two weeks before the election – did not go unnoticed.

It wasn’t something that most people could dismiss as something being “amiss”.  It was clear that these volunteers were just missing much more often than usual.  But as to why – most of the other staff members had no idea.

Except for Spencer…

Spencer was a student at a large public university – a straight conservative jock, who was president of his fraternity – and was absolutely anti-fag in his political leanings.  And it was his most serious honor to be selected to work in his representative’s office for the summer – to reelect him to a second term.

But Spencer noticed – as had the others in the office – that one of the volunteers, the one named Bradley – would not be around when they were looking for him.  It didn’t look too odd, but Spencer had some other suspicions…  He had seen this kind of vibe before…

So for the next few days, Spencer would slip away from his desk when he would see Bradley leave the office – and would follow Bradley.  At first, it seemed like simple restroom breaks – but then he noticed that Bradley was taking those breaks all over the capitol building – and for longer and longer periods of time.  And then it appeared that he was meeting other volunteers and interns – they seemed to be acknowledging each other as they entered the restroom at the same time.

Spencer had seen this kind of behavior before.  These were not the normal actions of a conservative, straight man.  These were the actions of an embarrassed, secretive, and sexually aroused homosexual.

Spencer laughed to himself – as Bradley’s plan quickly became apparent.  And Spencer committed himself to make sure that this devious plan would never be successful.

Spencer spent the next few days continuing to follow Bradley – which only led him to discover that the plan they were trying to execute was even more insidious and far-reaching than he had thought.  Bradley’s uncontrollable homosexual urges had resulted in revealing the identities of the other 13 CSGR members to Spencer.  All of them continued to use the capitol building for various perverted encounters – entering the restrooms as respectable, suit-and-tie-wearing men, but instantly turning into naked, erect faggots with each other – pleasuring each other’s penises in every imaginable disgusting way possible.

Fags enjoy having their depraved and twisted sex acts in public men’s rooms. Toilets are accessories in a faggot’s love life.

As they had more and more perverted sex, they became bolder, too – having more and more students meeting together – even full-blown naked homosexual orgies.  All to satisfy their dirty pent-up desires.

When more than three fags are in a room together, disgusting sexual acts are sure to follow

And all of this occurred while they were still pretending to be campaign volunteers and interns for conservative heroes!  It wasn’t long before Spencer also discovered that they had infiltrated the campaigns and had been able to alter materials and websites and voter messaging.  But Spencer wasn’t going to let this stand.  No chance.  The faggots were not going to win this war.  They were going to go down – and go down hard.

“Stupid fags,” Spencer thought to himself – as he bribed his contacts in the capitol security department to install additional cameras throughout the capitol – including the restrooms, elevators – and certain representatives’ offices as he suspected that these were the particular homosexuals behind these plans.

With just days before the election, Spencer was receiving video and audio feeds from the cameras around the capitol.  By tracking the 14 now-identified members of the CSGR, he had started to amass an enormous amount of damning footage – all of the college activists in various states of undress, doing the homosexual nasty-dance all over the capitol, desecrating the hallowed halls and venerable locations with their faggotry.

But Spencer couldn’t help laughing at how easy this was – to get video of these fakers getting their dicks out of their suit pants – and jerking them off while they sucked off other faggots or had their assholes stretched open and pummeled by homo boners.  It was disgusting – but hilarious to think of what he could now do with this footage.

And the footage would just get better and better.  With the election polling now looking like a runaway for the liberals, and their excitement increasing – the fag students had become too intent on constantly getting their faggot rocks off with the time they had.  Hours and hours of video continued to come to Spencer from the security cameras.  So much footage of the guys sucking each other’s cocks, engaging in mutual masturbation, and slurping on each other’s balls and assholes.  The giddiness over the coming election victories was making them even more sexually aroused – and they were now constantly engaging in naked perversion in the restrooms – but had also increased their risk to keep the sexual excitement high.

More faggots haunting public men’s rooms.

Just a few more cameras – quickly installed with a few more bucks handed to the security staff – caught all the new activity.  This included stripping down and running naked with each other in the capitol hallways late at night – penises erect and bouncing in the most perverted ways.  Sucking each other’s penises in the rotunda and other public areas – including the legislative chambers.  Up and down the various stairwells where they could get caught at a moment’s notice.  The dirty thrill of getting in an elevator naked and not knowing if they would be caught when the doors opened at a random door.  Rooms that they had no business being in.  All the sex games.  All of them caught and recorded on the cameras.  All of it recorded without the CSGR students knowing that they had long been found out.

Even as they moved out of the capitol buildings to the surrounding neighborhoods, a few more cameras installed easily caught them sucking the penises of strangers through glory holes – often spending hours masturbating while fellating each and every penis that would come through the holes in the walls separating the stalls.

You just can’t take the restroom out of the fag.

They were exposing themselves in public – with the thrill of being caught naked and erect. Running around naked in the nearby park. And sometimes multiple students were doing these things at the same time. It was complete documented proof of how sick and disgusting homosexuals are – especially while pretending to be respectable.

But with little time left before Election Day, Spencer struggled with how best to use this information to take down the fags – and undo the damage that their deception had done to the conservative campaigns. What was the best way to utilize these videos?

And then the answer came to him.  Actually, it was handed to him on a disgusting homosexual platter…

With the liberals starting to prematurely celebrate what were expected to be runaway victories around the country, the CSGR students started to increase their secret meetings with the members of the Gay Legislative Caucus.  It seemed only right to let these representatives know that the grand plan hatched by the CSGR had not only been successful, but successful beyond their wildest dreams.

Even though the 14 students and the 10 representatives had now found ways to secretly meet and discuss the strategies being employed and the results on the polling, eventually their discussions would become relatively boring.  It was always so much good news all around…

So with not much to talk about, the homosexuals did as homosexuals do.  And even in the most respectable and business-like settings – the students and representatives would eventually succumb to their perverted desires.  

It was almost a continual video feed from multiple cameras around the capitol – as 24 perverts – all the gay students and all the gay legislators – were doing it with each other in the most perverted homosexual ways.  Fucking, sucking, jerking, cumming.  Proud men with proud public reputations – naked, erect, and looking totally aroused and completely stupid – as they gooned out on each other’s penises.  Penises in their mouths, penises in their assholes, penises in their hands – even penises between their feet and in their armpits.  They had become a visual “dictionary” of faggot sex.

And all of it was recorded.

Spencer couldn’t believe his luck.  It was one thing to have video of the CSGR students being naked perverts.  It was one thing to be able to destroy a bunch of students who had lied to infiltrate and hurt the conservative reelection campaigns.

But it was another thing altogether to have video of each and every one of the current Gay Legislative Caucus on these videos.  Every sitting openly gay representative was caught on video having naked homosexual sex in the capitol – in the restrooms, in their own offices – and also caught playing the after-hours “naked games” with the students in the hallways of the building.  

And they were caught with each other – proud gay legislators exposed as the dirty perverts they really are.  Each of them caught sucking every one of the other gay legislators’ penises over the course of just a few days.

The recordings showcased the most vivid images of these men engaged in the most disgusting homosexual acts – openly, freely, and sporting the hardest of hard erections of the dirtiest perverts.  These faggots were representatives of the proud citizens of this country?  These homosexuals who had spent years pretending to be “just like you” in their fight for special rights for fags – when they were really nothing more than sex-crazed perverts?  These were the men who were going to be re-elected to the legislature in landslide victories?  Oh no.  Not if Spencer could help it.

Spencer knew exactly what to do.  And two days before Election Day, he went to the office editing bay and locked the door.  Armed with a huge digital drive with all the video footage over the last two weeks, Spencer sat down at the editing machine – knowing that it was the same chair and the same machine which faggot Bradley had used to alter the campaign’s video materials.  A man on a mission, Spencer went to work to undo the damage that Bradley and the other student fags had created.  But more important than that, he went to work knowing that what he would create could finally – and permanently – convince the public of the real truth about the homosexuals and their agenda.  If he did this correctly, Spencer could shut down the gay “rights” movement forever.

And so he went to work for the whole day – taking no breaks, as he heroically tried to create the most effective videos and materials that would give the conservatives the ammunition they needed to turn the election around in the last day before voting.

It was almost midnight – when Spencer finished.  An email with video links was sent to all the campaign staff on the conservative campaigns.  And then, most of the final campaign video files were replaced with his new versions – before being sent to the television and online broadcasters for the last-day advertising push.

With such bombshell – and surely effective – videos and materials, the conservative legislators and candidates immediately changed course nation-wide – deploying the videos and photos to reflect the true agenda of the liberals.  And they specifically targeted the races where homosexual rights had become one of the deciding factors in the fight to be those districts’ representatives.

But the most special videos of all had been painstakingly put together by Spencer – and were the most specific, the most graphic, and in some cases, the most hilarious – of all the videos.  These campaign videos were serviced to the conservative opponents of the 10 members of the Gay Legislative Caucus – and to the broadcast outlets in those districts.  Within minutes, these videos had gone viral online, and were being broadcast on television to shocked voters nationwide.

Back in the capitol building, the CSGR students and the gay legislators had gathered for a final-day party to celebrate – before what was expected to be the victory parties of Election Day.

But the news monitors and television stations and online social media had already caught fire with the scandalous campaign videos that were now public.  With the television monitors on around the conference room, the gay legislators watched as their careers evaporated before their eyes

There they were – in videos showing them naked and engaging in perverted homosexual sex – with each other, with the CSGR students, and sometimes by themselves – jerking off naked around various locations in the capitol.  

There they were – penises erect and exposed.  Mouths being filled with penises – so many penises – as they hungrily devoured the homosexual phalluses and gave them all the pleasure they could with their lips and tongues.

There they were – opening their assholes up – often with their pants around their ankles and still wearing their suit coats and ties – as another homosexual inserted a hard penis inside – stretching them open solely for perverted sexual arousal.

There they were – their faces clearly visible.  Their names and identities now verified and called out.  On videos that were publicly being broadcast worldwide.

Respectable? Ha!

There they were – the supposedly proud members of the gay community – who had tricked the voters into thinking that they were hard-working and respectable men – now exposed in unmistakable and uncensored videos of them engaged in perverted penis play – bouncing on penises, licking penises.  And all their penises ejaculating displayed the ultimate proof of their perversion.

There they were – each gay legislator’s video ended the same way – with a close-up video of that man sucking a cock or getting plowed up the asshole – a goofy aroused expression on his face.  And with his name flashing on the bottom of the screen, those facial expressions and the corresponding naked bodies were the last images viewers would see in the commercials – with the voiceover warning, “Is this faggot who you want representing you?”

The gay legislators were visibly upset as they saw the last of the ten individual videos aimed at each of them.  And as the national videos – which were additionally created to use the images to take down other liberals around the country as homosexual allies or pervert enablers – started to play on the various video screens in the room, all 24 of the men in the room started to deal with what was happening…

The gay legislators’ careers were gone.  Their reputations were ruined.  They would probably never be able to get another job as they would now be famous in the most notorious way possible.

And it was the students’ fault.  Their stupid plan had backfired – because they couldn’t keep their perverted faggot dicks in their pants.  And now the legislators had lost everything.

As the anger of the gay representatives started to boil over, their rage was looking for some way to express itself – but nothing short of beating up the students seemed to be appropriate for this level of humiliation and destruction.

And as they started to lunge toward the students to make them pay for what they had done, they noticed that the students had already undone their belts and unzipped their suit pants.  As their pants fell to their ankles, the students continued to look at the video screens with the various ads playing – they were mesmerized.

Only moments later, the students were removing their underwear and stroking their erect penises to the perversion on the screens.

As angry as they were, the gay legislators found the perverse humiliation – even if it was their own humiliation – to be irresistible.  And soon, 10 more pairs of suit pants dropped to the floor – as 10 more penises were frantically pulled out of their underwear and masturbated.

This would be one of the last times the 24 men would be together in one place.  All of them in the most publicly humiliating moment of their lives – but powerless to keep from masturbating to it.

It was a devastating and humiliating scene – and even more so, as the men surrendered and let their ejaculations fly, proving that they were completely aroused by their own destruction.

It was a perverted – and yet completely appropriate final scene to these careers and these reputations.  And yet, it was hilarious too – seeing these men so aroused and cumming – with the very thing that defines their sexuality (their penises and their ejaculations) now being used to display their perverse arousal at their own complete and permanent annihilation.

Yes, it was funny to see them like this…  At least that’s what Spencer thought as he watched the live feed from the conference room that the men were in.  “Stupid fags,” Spencer said laughing – as he continued to record footage from the cameras that were in the very same room that the men had been caught in previously.  They were such disgusting sex perverts that they didn’t even think about the cameras which the videos had confirmed were hidden in that conference room.  So they had no idea that they were now being filmed again – 24 men with their pants around their ankles and their dirty faggot penises in their hands – having cum to the humiliating images of themselves.  Having ejaculated to the very videos that had destroyed them…


Election night came – and there were no surprises. Conservatives retained control of the legislature and had even increased their majority. Nationwide, voters had rejected the depraved truth about homosexuals – and those who supported them.

Liberals lost in a big way across the country.  But no liberals suffered more crushing defeats than the 10 gay representatives – who had ALL lost their legislative positions in some of the most lopsided election results in history.

The Gay Legislative Caucus was no more.  Even that office space was immediately given up as storage for the conservative legislators’ offices.

And not that any of the remaining liberals would want to be a part of the Gay Caucus.  Homosexuality had been proven – permanently proven – to be a toxic and damning part of a campaign – so no liberal would ever take up defense of keeping the caucus in existence.

Additionally, all of the gay men who had hoped to be new representatives in the legislature had also lost their races.  So the number of gay men who were representatives now numbered a whopping ZERO.

The videos and images were so vivid and detailed – so impossible to forget – that the liberals would be forced to give up gay rights in their party platform and even their individual talking points.  No representative who hoped to get elected could defend homosexuals, given what had been exposed about what gay men are truly like.  So for the first time in a long while, no major political party was supportive – or even neutral – on gay rights.  Those ridiculous illusions had finally been destroyed.

The devastation of the exposure and the election results – precipitated the need for a quick exit from the capitol offices.  The gay (and now-former) representatives quickly packed up their offices, and dismissed their staffs – as they planned to hide from the public eye – for perhaps the rest of their lives.

Meanwhile, the CSGR students were quick to gather their belongings from their desks as well – being very careful to not encounter any of the staff in the conservative offices they had been working in.  Now that their deception had been exposed, they didn’t want to be caught anywhere near those offices.

So the best time to clean out – for both the former legislators and CSGR students – was late at night – while the conservative representatives and staffs were holding their victory rallies and parties.  The gay men had gathered their personal things and brought them to their conference room – with the intent of saying goodbye.  They were still gathering under the most humiliating circumstances – but as they were now all in the same boat, it seemed only appropriate that they would say farewell to each other – some type of support for the difficult lives that lay ahead for all of them, now that they were world-famous.

All of them had gathered in the conference room – now ready to depart the capitol for the last time.  All 10 former legislators were there – and 13 of the CSGR students..  They anxiously waited for Bradley to arrive so they could say goodbye – then get out of there and disappear from the world as fast as possible.

Bradley had filled a box of personal items and bolted out of the offices of the representative he had been working to undermine all summer.  Wondering why he had thought of this idea and had the audacity to try it, he started to run across the hall to the conference room where the others were waiting – when he heard a voice call from behind him:


Stunned and scared, Bradley turned around.

And standing there in the hallway, with the biggest grin on his face – was Spencer…

Bradley just stood there – not sure what to do.  And Spencer let him stand there humiliated by the silence – both of them knowing exactly what had happened.  Both of them knowing about Bradley’s plan.  Both of them knowing how Spencer had not only stopped Bradley’s plan – but how he had destroyed the careers and reputations of 24 gay men – and most likely the entirety of the gay rights movement as well.

With the truth hanging heavily in the air, Spencer finally spoke up:

“So faggot, aren’t you going to thank me – for giving you what you deserve?”

Bradley hesitated for just one moment – but with a sigh, he put down his box – and walked over in front of Spencer.

Straight men’s cocks are superior to faggot clits and gay men’s penises in every way.

Spencer unzipped his pants as the giant hard penis of a victorious straight man – which, by some miracle, had been hidden in his suit trousers – was revealed there in the main hallway of the capitol building.

Bradley saw Spencer’s penis – and fell to his knees.

And opening his mouth – he declared, “Thank you for giving me what I deserve” – “ and took Spencer’s huge organ into his mouth – pleasuring it with the gratitude of a faggot who had been rightfully and deservedly destroyed…

Anxious about waiting much longer, the other homosexuals left the conference room, intending to look for Bradley.

And they saw him immediately when they opened the door. He was sucking and honoring the penis of the man who had destroyed him – and who was responsible for destroying them all.  And while sucking, Bradley was furiously removing his suit – and all his clothes – so he could suck Spencer’s cock while completely naked there in the hall.

“Sup faggots,” laughed Spencer.  “Your fag boyfriend Bradley wanted to say goodbye to me and thank me for all I did for him.  Y’all probably should do the same.”

As Spencer’s bellowing laugh echoed through the massive capitol halls, the other homosexuals immediately ran toward Spencer – ripping off their own suits and ties until they too were completely naked.  Forming a line behind Bradley, they created a perverted parade of fags – all of them paying respect to the man that had conquered each one of them – as well as all the gay men in the nation.  With fully erect penises, they waited for their turn to orally thank the man who had humiliated them into complete destruction.

This fag pays his respect to the superior straight man.

As one by one, the 24 disgraced faggots pleasured the penis of the straight man who had obliterated their manhood, Spencer looked up to the ceiling – and spied the recently-installed cameras that were still operating.  Spencer shook his head – incredulous that after all they had been through, the faggots were still oblivious to the fact that in their last moments in the capitol, they were all helping to create yet another special video for Spencer to share…

The faggots continue in their stupidity to have their sex acts filmed for all to see. Nothing but deranged perverts are they.

As he continued to enjoy the mouths of grateful homosexuals on his cock, Spencer shook his head – and again, muttered his disgust at how dumb and perverted gay men are…

“Stupid fags.”

– Prideturnstodust

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