I will genuinely destroy your life.

I’ll dedicate weeks, months, even years to destroying everything you are.

I’ll cut you off from your support system completely. Make you give up your friends

I’ll tell you that you are nothing and no one will ever love you; that you’re a pathetic piece of fuck meat and nothing more

I’ll spend every single day wrecking your holes and doing damage to your mind and body until you’re broken completely.

Finally, after years of abuse and gaslighting, you’ll ask if you’ve finally earned my love. I’ll then beat you black and blue and tell you, “no.” How could anyone care about you? Are you fucking kidding, faggot? You’re disgusting and broken. No one will ever love you now that you’re ruined. You deserve and get nothing.

You’ll never be mistaken for anything but a ravaged hole 🕳️ ever again.


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