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Literally any time I am alone in public or really anywhere away from the computer, I hear SIR’S instructions in my head. I hear Him laugh as I look at an attractive Straight White Man and avert my gaze down to their footwear. I desperately want to disappear and be a fly on the wall to stare at them in the city, but I know that the Training freezes me in my tracks.

I hear Him urge me to stare at Straight White GodCock whenever I have a chance on my phone. I’m fucking addicted to Straight White GodCock and risk my job to just picture the foreskin retracting…

I focus on creating daytime nightmare situations by trying to let my lust guide me in daylight. I was lucky enough for a young Man to drop His boxer-briefs on the bus this week and I got to pick them up and keep them. Smells wonderful… And the excitement of doing it with the bus driver watching as I was the last to disembark was embarrassing but thrilling.

Any time I have the free time to masturbate, I ALWAYS have at least one training module going, as well as my absolute favorite audio file – ‘The Difference between faggots and Straight Men (Real Men)’ because the association of hot sweaty Straight butt crack and my addictions can always grow!

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