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Parliament (faggot Enslavement) Act 2016 … Part 3
(Overview and sections 1 to 5 in parts 1 and 2)…
6 slave Ownership
6.1Acquisition, Transfer, Disposal
Initial acquisition of a faggot slave is through the voluntary or involuntary enslavement process detailed above. Within 45 days of acquisition the state will issue a form F5 (“slave ownership log book”) held on paper and online on the government website
Transfer of a slave requires completion of the “transfer” section of form F5 providing the details of the new owner who must be a male UK citizen, or foreign male resident, over the age of 16 on the date of transfer. Form F5 can be completed on paper and posted to the faggot licensing center in Swansea or completed online.
If a foreign resident owns a slave and leaves the country, without the slave, for a period of 181 consecutive days the slave ownership is forfeit and the slave reverts to state ownership.
A slave, as property, can be transferred by last will and testament with the executors using form F5 to complete any transfer. A slave cannot be transferred or sold until probate is granted and any slave must be taken to a state detention center following death of its Owner until such time as probate is granted and it is sold or transferred.
If the slave dies the scrappage section of form F5 must be completed to report the ceasing of existence of the slave. No death certificate will be issued because the former citizen that was born ceased to exist in the eyes of the state at the moment of enslavement.
On death the Owner is required to deal with the body of the slave hygienically. All councils have a free slave body collection service to handle this on your behalf but there is no obligation to do this as long as the slave handled hygienically
6.2 Responsibilities
A slave ownership is ultimately responsible for the actions of his slave. If the slave commits a crime then it is the slave owner who is held responsible and the courts may seize the slave to cover any compensation.
A slave owner is also responsible for not causing a public nuisance such as using the slave inappropriately around children or causing noise pollution by punishing the slave in a public place without a gag,
A slave will receive nothing from the state and no individual, group or organization is obliged to provide it with anything. A slave has no right to be in a public place without permission from its owner. An owner is responsible for controlling, managing and knowing the whereabouts of his slave at all time. Failure to control or manage a slave or if a slave is found in public alone it may be seized by the state.
6.3 Limits
There are no limits on how an owner can use his slave. The only consideration is not to cause a public nuisance with excessive noise late at night or using a faggot inappropriately around children. Slaves are intended to be seen and used in public, nakedness is not an offense, sexual use of slaves in public is allowed (except around children) and slaves can be punished in public provided noise levels are monitored.

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