Reply To: Fags practicing punishments

eric olmstead

Sirs and Alphas if truth be known, I think a slow agonizing death is best for us faggotsI’ve talked about the axe, the gladiater coloseum, the beatings we faggots deserve, and thebonfires and disposal of faggot corpse. now i think slow agonizing noose for alpha entertainment. slow lynching as our toes leave dirt, let us dangle and thrash, of course our hands must be bound, we can’t have any hope of escape and then set us back to ground catching our breaths, then back up start again till you tire of us and leave us hanging till we shit and piss over ourselves and leave us hang for view of future faggots to witness. again this lowlife faggot thanks Sir and Alphas for your pleasures. again it would be as you choose, i think a little of all for faggots torment

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