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      Hi all. A fellow fag sister (Candiilapoof) and I are hoping to engage more members by posting daily about out favorite slide from each module!

      Today mine was: “Thinking you are Butch or masculine is just a way to retain ago. You aren’t fooling anybody.”

      This is so true. Straight Men see right through us. That’s why they’ve been prepping us for what we are and deserve our whole lives. It resonates with me deeply.

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      Do you really think it is impossible for a gay man to be masculine? I just wonder about some of these slides. I am keeping an open mind but having a hard time. Today I repeated the first 2 modules again. I did find one that struck me and stuck out. “If you fight hate you will not grow.” I think this is true but not for the reasons of this site. I think of it more like we have to fight the bigots and their hate to keep and further our rights as gays. Can someone help me with why this idea is wrong?

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      Eddie, I do believe that faggots can’t be masculine. They can act at it but true masculinity is inherent. That’s my take. That doesn’t mean as a faggot you have to dress like a girl or wear makeup etc. You can still dress and cut your hair like a man. It isn’t sissification. Not that there’s something wrong with that either though, if you enjoy that.

      For your other question, my personal take is that faggots hate parts of themselves, they’re jealous of Straight Men because of how life treats them . They enjoy more advantages, things are easier, Straight Men are accepted without needing to fight for it. That’s why as faggots we should internalize that hatred and jealousy, so we can grow personally. It helps us accept who and what we are. When you let go, you’re happier, more free, and will feel a desire to serve. It’s what we do! Hope that helps.

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      That makes sense about the masculinity part. I’ve never been masculine and I can understand what you mean it kind of ties into the second part too. Straight guys do just have things easier. Respect and advantages and stuff like that. I know when I got bullied as a kid it did make me hate myself. I also had to work harder to get half as far. Straight guys never had that kind of bullying. I remember as a kid even though with the bullying I felt bad about myself I also felt a little relieved because I knew that everyone knew my secret and I didn’t need to hide it. Thanks.

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