Boot Camp: Module 5

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      Sorry it’s been so long since I last posted. I want to continue my series on the modules. In Boot camp 5 there’s a slide which says “By now you should feel an Organic shift in your beliefs about yourself and your kind.” I do. I really, really do. I’ve internalized so much hate where it belongs. The words in the modules relate to the deepest parts of me. They are the truth. We know this. We must share it!

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      Thank you for sharing again. I missed reading your posts. I understand what you mean about this slide. I think the change feels so natural because it’s something we all know. That helps me really focus.

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        Thanks Eddie. It’s so easy to relate to these modules. At first it was difficult because I wanted to pretend everything in them was not true. That was only because of all the false pride and “happiness” that gays force on everyone pretending to be something they’re not. When you let go, the words just wash over you and you know how natural and right it is. Every faggot needs this training!

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          Ya and so much happier. Real happiness not the fake like you said gay pride and rights people try to push on us!

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      Good to know the modules are doing their work. Now we need to get more motivated faggots into the system. Come on, faggots. Where are your brothers and sisters? It’s time for them to join.

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        Yes, absolutely! I keep working to spread the truth!

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        Yes thank you! I’ve told many other gays I know about it.

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      Fagpig dino


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