Faggots in chastity

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      This fag believes in the value of chastity. Being locked up would, in short order, make its cocklust grow exponentially! The problem for it is that it has a small turtle dicklet, not enough dicklet to keep the cocklock in proper place. As soon as it’s locked it tips forward suspended on its sack like a ball stretcher. Any suggestions? What do others think of chastity. Having a small dicklet clit is perfect for this faggot but wanted to lock up & feel the joy of handing Master the key!

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      Hi Red,

      They do make smaller chastity devices that would accommodate your smaller clit and allow for lock up. I am in chastity even tho I am not owned currently in person ( cyber for now due to COVID) but in my past when owned i was caged 24/7. It is shocking i think for many of us fags initially since it takes away any chance of touching it or having an orgasm as we used to know it. However, it is a godsend for us faggots as it keeps us in our proper state of wanting to be used and that non stop lust for our Alpha men. Which is how they want us really. It puts in a proper mindset as well. I am in favor of chastity for ANY fag who is serious about serving a true MAN. No man wants to see our junk other than to abuse it. Try some sites like Koala Swim and Lock the cock. If you need any more info I am happy to assist.

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      Thank you PMFaggot. Koala Swim had some good options that looked like they should work. Had already looked at Lock the Cock. Do you think a cage with a urethral sound would be best for me, considering my turtling dicklet? Appreciate your kind fag wisdom & encouraging email.

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      Redward, I have seen chastity devices that are flat for pathetic fag penises like yours. You should get at least that. Also I have heard of devices that for very tiny pathetic penises like yours, they actually push your fag filth into your body. You can also use soft twine or some sort of strips to slip under the ring on each side then you can pull it tight and tie it behind your back so that the device is flush and with your crotch and doesn’t hang down. This will also push your faggot penis in further. I do this with my flat device.

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      That’s definitely something I’m very very interested in as well. My dick is not big when flaccid, but big when stiff. I would love to get to the point where I can always wear a cage like this https://lockthecock.ca/collections/metal-male-chastity-devices/products/stainless-steel-silver-cock-lock-chastity-device?variant=35894512812198 and the dick shrinks permanently. Is something like this possible? What can I do to get there?

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