What is your most humiliating coming out story? Abuse? Beaten? Insulted?

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      Sir Todd

      I want you faggots to use this thread to share your coming out stories. I’m sure they weren’t all joyous. I want to hear about the friends that found out and kicked your ass, or the dad who found out and punched your faggot face. Why not tell that story you secretly know is what you deserved but doesn’t jive with the whole “coming out is joyous” theme the faggot community tries to extol? Share them here. I won’t name the faggot but one of you ended up with your brother’s dirty cock in your faggot mouth after telling him. Glad to know you’re know a straight white man’s urinal. Ha!

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      stupid faggot 71

      i started worshipping alpha cock when i was nine. every week i sucked off my 16 year old foot ball playing neighbor. he had a huge cock. ever since then i have been trying to find more alpha cock like his. he used and abused me and trained by young throat to love cock. i always wished my father would force me to suck his dick. One guy at school begged me to dress like a girl and he would fuck me. I regret I wasn’t trained at the time to do anything an alpha’s told me to do. I should have serviced that boy gratefully. I recently contacted him to thank him for fucking with my head daily and reminding me what a fag I am. he was right and he deserves to be thanked. i want to make it up to him and worship him properly now and let him bash me as hard verbally and physically as he wants. he never got to bash me all the way back then and i regret that because Im a stupid pathetic faggot and i deserved it.

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      being recognized while out and having “CumDump” whispered in my ear.


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      I came out as gay after high school. My family were all accepting. Recently, upon finding this site and the wisdom here, I had a second “coming out.” I told my boyfriend and friends I was a faggot. They all kinda laughed and thought I was just being funny. I’ve had other conversations with them and about the site. My boyfriend left me, which is fine. I couldn’t get turned on by him after going through the modules here. I’d get hard and lose it very quickly with him. One of my closest friends told me I was “mentally unstable” after I showed him the site and Tumblr. Guess who is now routinely checking the Tumblr page “just to get off?” Haha. Same friend. He is starting to recognize his true self. Anyway, now whenever someone asks if I’m gay I say “No! I’m a faggot” and I’ve had several reactions from laughter to concern to disgust. A straight man I recently met (dating a female friend of mine) laughed at me when I told him. His friends know now too. They’ve all laughed at me, told me I’m disgusting, and made threats to me.

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      Parker faggot

      I was 15 and my brother walked in on me while i was being fucked. The guy fucking me stopped and looked to see who had come in then proceeded to finish in me. I was begging him to stop, but to no avail. My brother never left. He watched me get fucked and after it was over walked out and closed the door. Did not say a word about it until a week later or so. He told me he was going to tell our parents what he had seen. I was in tears as i begged him not to. He said he would not tell them if i gave him a blow job. So I dutifully dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants and took my brothers uncut cock in my mouth. He did not last long, but he did become very aggressive by holding me down on him with his hands behind my head. He used that against me for 3 years until I went off to school. Making me service him whenever he wanted to get off. During those years he did not tell our parents, but did tell a lot of the neighborhood boys and the bullying I took was extreme. At first I refused to comply and was beaten and eventually had cum on my face or down my throat. I learned not to resist, to go ahead and accept my fate and serve their needs. That is when I became a faggot.

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      This faggot started young when it was 11 years of age. It alswys had interest in other boys and mens bodies but one day it was in a cottage standing at urinals and it was grabbed by two old men who silenced it with a hand over its mouth. they pushed it in a cubicle and one out his dick in my mouth and another proceeded to use my little boy manhole. it was in such shock it couldnt speak even when one had cum and they swapped positions. It told noone for a long while.Then it ended up talking to a white superior male who was a real handsome guy. It blurted out everything that had happened and then the man said he would look after it and it would all be ok. On the third time we met He took it to his house where he showed the faggot how a cock should be sucked and how it could take a cock inside it properly. He groomed this faggot and then proceeded to blackmail it for the next 7 years. The faggot was made to be a slut and a whore to any white male that wanted it. The Superior white became its pimp and the faggot slave a rent boy. From when it was 11 to when it was 18 or 19 it took whatever its Master wanted. This man was really straight and juts used faggots for making money. ~So today the fagot still sees Straight white men as superior and just feels like afaggot slave dog cum dump. Feels like? No it is!

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      I am so glad it was not alone in being abused and groomed. It was regularly bashed around by stronger boys when about 9 years old. It remembers it’s parents being called into the school office, the faggot was made to apologise for a particularly harsh beating it received (to the basher). After that, it’s father moved quickly from being kind and trying to soothe me, to eventually smacking His sad pussy of a son around. Within a year, my father was fucking me and pimping me out. It hated it all at the time, but seeks the same treatment from Others, since it’s father died 3 years ago…

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      [email protected]

      When I was 13 I was raped and gangbang by 2men and 1boy from my church and after that my eye to the God (men)

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