dumbfuckfag writes: i have been having trouble with gagging. i do not gag on the large Cocks of Straight Men – i would never let something like that happen. But some of the Men who use me want me to drink Their hot Piss, which of course i want to do.

But every time i do it, i find it makes me gag. Sometimes i gag so hard that i actually shoot some of Their Piss out of my mouth, and have even inadvertently splashed the Man Pissing in me. 

Afterwards, when i think about the taste, it does not seem so bad. So why do i gag when i drink Piss?


The answer to many of these questions is the same: because you’re a stupid faggot. By now, you should have figured this out.

you are obviously still thinking that you have some dignity, some worth as a human male on this planet. Otherwise, why would drinking piss make you gag? Piss is a waste product, and having it go into a faggot is a very appropriate place to put it. But you are obviously struggling to accept what you really are.

I know this partly because of what you said – that you would never let yourself gag on a large cock from a straight man. Obviously, you understand that this is something your mind keeps you from doing. you want to be a cocksucker, so you are doing well with it.

So you need to train yourself to appreciate the fact that you are a urinal in the same way. Here are some ideas of things you can do:

  • Watch piss videos, particularly ones where the fag drinks every drop. The videos where the fag spits out the piss, or lets it run out of its mouth, should make you gag. A fag wasting piss is wrong!
  • Drink a lot of piss. Definitely try drinking your own – every drop of it for a full day. Get used to it, urinal fag.
  • Speaking of urinals: public men’s rooms often have piss on the floor or even filling the urinal. Go to public restrooms and lap up whatever you find on the floor. Think about what a sick and twisted faggot you are as you do it, and clean up every drop. Cleaning the floor around the urinal, and the urinal itself, has two benefits: it helps train you to be the faggot you know you were born to be, and it leaves the men’s room nicer for the real men who use it. 

Get down on your fucking knees like a good faggot, and start taking as much piss as you can find. This is what you were born for!

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