countryfaggot writes: i am sitting in a truck stop typing this on my laptop. i left my home and my family, quit my job, sold everything i own and converted my entire life to cash. all i now own is my car, my computer and the clothes i am wearing.

i am on my way to California to meet a MASTER, a Straight Man who will enslave me. HE has sent me pictures of the cinderblock cell in HIS basement where i will live the rest of my life, naked, chained and used as a whore, a whipping boy and a toilet.

Everything HE tells me scares me, and i know i will hate it. But i cannot stop myself. i tell myself every day to turn around and go home, or go to another city and start a new life, live a normal life as a gay man. But i keep driving toward HIS house.

What is wrong with me? Someone stop me!


Stop you? For what, you stupid faggot? It sounds like you are on the verge of becoming what every faggot dreams of. This is your fucking destiny!

Let’s assume for a minute that you do turn away and go have a “normal” life. Do you think you will get an offer like this again? This is once in a lifetime. And do you think you will regret not taking it? you know that, every day, for the rest of your miserable existence, you will wish you had gone. Every fucking day you will regret not becoming the cunt you know you are.

So go. Meet him, submit, and become the property you were born to be. you are a lucky lucky fag, you stupid cunt. Don’t doubt yourself, don’t over think this. Go and be what you know you are.


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