Berlinfaggot writes: this fag lives in Germany (unfortunately a country with a very underdeveloped fag bashing ALPHA culture) and was fortunate enough to find a 20-year old straight ALPHA who now allows it to weekly pay tribute, clean HIS apartment and provide prolonged massages (mostly to his feet, though). He also makes it eat canned dog food each week and for some reason he enjoys feeding it his vomit, so he always throws up a little over its dog food and orders this fag to eat it all. It still hasn’t managed to eat his vomit but it is eager to master this skill.

There is no question however that he sees this fag mostly as his personal ATM and it doesn’t think he has a concept of what owning a fag object means and the possibilities he has (what this fag misses most is that He hasn’t made it suck him off, yet, in fact it has no clue of how His cock looks and how big it is). It told him  he could do what he wants with it but he misinterpreted that as ‘he can call it and order it to give him money whenever he feels like…” – well, he is an egotistic lying jerk as all healthy 20 year old guys are and submitting to him is the most liberating experience of this fag’s life (the fag is in its 40’s)

Is there any way this fag or a fag in general, can ‘educate’ its owner about all the mean cruel and violent things he could do to it without appearing pushy or needy? Thank you for your input, SIR


Nice to know faggots are as stupid in the EU as they are in the US.

Before I answer your question, however, let’s address the issue of you NOT following his orders to eat what he feeds you. Has it occurred to you that he might be pissed off that you are not doing what you are supposed to do?

So start there: the next time he offers you this gift, you wolf it down. To help you do it, I’d suggest you put something just inside your nostrils (something with a strong scent) so you won’t smell (and probably won’t taste) anything. Once you get used to eating what he provides, then discontinue the use of the scents and make sure you savor everything – EVERYTHING – he provides.

Turning to the question of “educating” your alpha: Seriously, you can’t figure this out fag?

This is not difficult. Obviously, the easiest way would be to just tell your alpha, but clearly you are incapable of talking to a superior straight man, which is somewhat normal. So why not give it to him in writing?

You would write up your wishes and leave it on his kitchen counter when you clean (along with a healthy tribute, of course). I’d suggest you also print out some of the pages of this site and give him the url, and ask him to read it. Make sure you let him know that, if he wants you to, you are happy to pay for a subscription for him.

And a picture is worth 1000 words. Print out some photos (from this site, from other fetish sites) and leave them in his apartment. If he is very young and inexperienced with how appropriate it is for straight men to use faggots, I’d suggest you find photos of men watching straight porn while a faggot services them.

This guy, like most straight men, sounds like a natural alpha – you just need to help him find the right information. Get to it, and report back fag!

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