dumbfuckfag asks: i am a faggot in the midwest, and my life is pretty fucked up. The Straight Man i serve is really intense, and He has been trying to see how far i will go with Him. For example: He has been “practicing” His tattoo skills on me. He has a tattoo gun and has been writing obscenities, drawing pictures etc all over my body. Some of them are VERY hard to hide, so i know my work life will soon come to an end.

Now He wants to tattoo “faggot cocksucker and urinal” on my forehead. This would definitely ruin my life. my family would reject me for being a pervert, i would lose my job, and i would be forced to be His slave.

Should i be setting limits, or telling Him not to do some of these things? Please answer quickly, this weekend is when He plans to tattoo my forehead!


You know the answer, you stupid faggot. Go over there right now, and not only submit, but beg him to do it. Tell him you are, in fact, a faggot cocksucker and urinal, and beg him to mark you. When he is done, ask him to take you to biker bars and truck stops, and let the men there use you.

you’re a lucky lucky faggot! Don’t fuck this up!

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