Real Men are used to living in a world that to have their sexual needs met, they are constantly having to create debts to others. Be it their wife, significant other, or lover on the side, to get the kind of kinky sex they want they learn over the years that they will have to barter or build up a debt. It’s unstated, but understood, much of the time. Hell, young men basically have it taught to them to expect it.

A man’s wife doesn’t like sucking cock. What is he going to have to do if she starts going down on him one night? A man’s mistress doesn’t like taking it up the ass. One night she offers. What does that mean for the man? His significant other is waiting spread eagled in sexy underwear on the bed when he gets home from work and says “Go for it stud!” What has happened today that makes him deserve this treatment, he wonders.

Some men can’t fathom getting their proverbial cake and eating it too. So when a fag says “You owe me nothing. My desire is to service you the way you want with nothing in return.” the man can’t fully comprehend that being true. So he believes that if he uses the fag repeatedly, someday the fag is going to call in his chips and demand something he definitely wouldn’t want to do.

Men, please understand, a real faggot wants nothing more than to pleasure you and your body and cock in the manner you expect and want. A real faggot wants and expects nothing in return regardless of the abuse you inflict upon him. Whether you use him once or one hundred times he will never ask anything of you, and will actually be grateful for the attention you give him.

Let me put it this way: No matter how hard you use a faggot, no matter what you say to him or call him, no matter what you put him through for your selfish pleasure, he will walk away from the experience feeling like he still owes you a debt. Everything you’ve done to him has been a favor and a gift, and he understands that (and would never endanger it).

It’s just the reality that faggot’s live in. I owe them nothing yet they owe me everything. Sounds fair to me.

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