Str8Nick writes: I recently went over to a buddy’s house, and there were four of us there, sitting around his living room drinking and talking. As the evening wore on, we started talking about how we were fucking horny. The guy who owned the house said, “I know how you guys could get the best blowjob of your lives, right now!” We all laughed at him, but finally told him “Okay, prove it.”

He went down in his basement, and in a moment lead up a naked guy who he said was his “faggot slave”. The guy had obviously been down there for a long time, and was not exactly clean. The slave kept his head down all the time, and only spoke when asked a direct question. His hands were cuffed, and he was wearing a chastity cage on his cock.

Turns out, this guy is a faggot who my buddy keeps down there 24/7! Not only did he give us all blowjobs (and yeah, they were definitely the best blowjobs we had ever had!) but my buddy then put him on the coffee table and whipped his ass, and then he fucked him. After he shot his load, he had us make the fag lick our shoes while we took turns spitting on him and calling him a fucking faggot. We all even used him as a fucking urinal!

Afterwards, I told my buddy I was kinda freaked out by this, but my buddy sent me the URL to this site and told me that I should learn more about what he calls “true fags”. He said that there are lots of gay men, but that a “true fag” has no shame and lives to serve straight men. Wild!

I keep thinking about the guy in the basement, though. Should I do something? Should I call the cops, or Adult Protective Services, or…someone? Is this consensual? Is the guy really a captive, or is this something he wanted?

Any advice?


Your buddy is right. There are gay men, and there are fags, and in many ways, they are two different breeds. Gay men are mostly normal guys who just happen to like dudes. Faggots live to suck cock, and they have no shame and a great desire to be humiliated, controlled and degraded.

I’ve had guys ask, “Is this just a fantasy site?” No, it is definitely for real. But the thing that a lot of people don’t understand is, this is all consensual. We do live in the “real world” and if someone forced another person into slavery (even if that person was a faggot), they would be taking an awful risk. If it was ever found out that they kept someone against their will, they could be brought up on kidnapping charges, be put in prison for the rest of their lives, lose everything they owned. So yeah, no one actually does it that way. (Or rather, only sick guys do that who you read about in the news when their captives escape.)

But because the universe has given us straight guys these beings called faggots, we don’t have to worry about getting in trouble. Faggots will do anything – ANYTHING – that we want. Your buddy didn’t kidnap that slave, the fag probably begged him to let it live in his dungeon. Trust me: for every faggot living as a 24/7 slave in someone’s dungeon, there are 500 more who WISH they were!

So should you do something? Damn right you should. You should go over there often and use that faggot, and maybe even find a faggot of your own to serve you.

And finding a faggot of your own is easy. A buddy of mine recently put an ad on Craigslist, saying he wanted a faggot slave to debase and use on a regular basis – he got 75 responses! 

So join the party! As a straight alpha guy, you deserve to have faggots at your beck and call, sucking your cock, drinking your piss, licking your boots, cleaning your house, doing your laundry, washing your car. Find some faggots and have fun! 

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