str8pride writes: I have a faggot I use, and it serves me well. But sometimes, it misbehaves, and I think it does so intentionally. it loves any attention I give it, whether I’m using my cock, my fist, or my belt. So, as a result, punishing it for misbehaving is difficult, as it enjoys whatever I’m doing.

This behavior needs to be corrected, as the things it does wrong are serious violations of what a faggot should do. For example, sometimes it scrapes my cock with its teeth, or it spills my piss out of its mouth. One time, it tried to express an opinion about something – of course, I corrected the behavior, but I need some ways of really getting its fag brain’s attention.

Any ideas of ways I can punish my faggot for transgressions? I need to train it to do better!


Damn right you need to train it! These stupid faggots are like wild animals, untrained and with no purpose, until we take them in hand and mold them into what they were born to be. It’s important work, and a valued public service to turn them into well trained faggots.

I think you need to get more creative. Obviously, making it drink your piss, eat your shit, or take a beating is not going to be seen by it as “punishment” – so don’t even bother. With my faggot, I have found that public humiliation is the best punishment. So here are some ideas:

  • Make it go to a gay bar with the word “faggot” written on its forehead. Better yet, send it to a biker bar that way.
  • Make it go to work with the word “faggot” or “cum dump” written on its face
  • Make it service homeless guys on the street – pick the nastiest looking guy and make it go up and offer him money to give him a blow job and drink his piss.
  • Make it walk naked through a college campus or mall, preferably while wearing a chastity cage. Again, having “faggot” written prominently on its body will help attract attention.
  • Put it in a public bathroom, kneeing next to the urinal, with the words “piss pig” written on its face.

Some of these suggestions might get it arrested – but so what? If you’re lucky, the cops will abuse it, throw it in a cell with guys who will abuse it, etc. The idea is to make a strong impression on its faggot brain. (Some of the guys on this site might also have suggestions, which they can post as comments below.)

Have fun, man! Faggots are challenging, but since they have no limits, it’s always enjoyable to push them farther and farther. Let me know how it goes!

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