calfagboy writes: i am a faggot who serves Straight Men, and i have one Man in particular who uses me often. i love serving His big Straight Cock, taking His Cum and Piss. He has taken pics of me in all sorts of humiliating positions, and i know that, if i ever fail Him, He will publish the pics, send them to my family and co workers, and destroy my life. i will, of course, never fail Him.

But now He wants to have parties and have me as the public urinal. He says i will kneel in the corner of the yard, and as His Buddies drink beer and hang out, They will use me as an outdoor urinal. He said that some of His parties have 15 – 20 Men, and that i will be used multiple times by all of Them. i will be naked, with my hands tied behind my back, and a blindfold covering my eyes. He says that anything any of the Men want, i must do.

i have never drank that much Piss before! i am not sure i can take it all, and i do not want to disappoint Him. So what should i do?


The short answer here, faggot, is that you will do what he wants you to do.

As his buddies fill you with piss, you’ll drink it. you’ll probably have to piss yourself, but I assume you can just piss on the ground. Make sure you do it when no real man is there, because most men find watching a faggot piss disgusting.

Also, let the men piss all over you, soaking your hair, your face, getting it in your eyes, covering you with piss. There is nothing quite so perfect for a faggot than to be completely covered, inside and out, with the piss of straight men! And of course, I’m certain he won’t let you wash it off, so you can stink of straight piss all day.

Stop worrying so much, fag! your man is going to give you a day to dream of for years. Do what he says, and stop whining!


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