midwestqueer writes: i have been obsessed with Straight Men and Their big Cocks for several years, and read a lot about this online.  Most sites seem to be about SM/dom-sub play.  But your site makes this all sound real and, frankly, scary.  But I can’t stop reading, and I can’t stop renewing my membership.

Is there something wrong with me?  I’m starting to think that what you say might be right for me, and it scares me.  What should I do?


The first thing you should do is change your name to STUPIDmidwestqueer, since you, like so many fags, need things spelled out to you. Yes, there is something wrong with you: you’re a lowlife faggot who exists to serve Superior Straight Men.  Your problem is, you aren’t living the life you know you were born to live.  Deep down, you understand this, but all your life you have denied it.  Now you can’t deny it anymore.

As for what you should do: you have gone through the training modules, you have read this site.  You know what to do.  You know what your destiny is.  Don’t waste my time with stupid questions.  Get out there and serve the Straight Men who need a cum dump and urinal to use and abuse.  Be proud of your place in the world, faggot!  You have finally figured out what you are and where you need to be.  What happens to you after this is immaterial.  What is important is that Straight Men who want to use and beat and fuck over a faggot have you at their service.

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