On our homepage we state that, with training, you will:

  • wake up feeling alive and have an acute sense of your place in the world
  • be aware of significant and important new truths
  • find yourself laser focused on the importance of the destruction of other fags
  • dedicate your life to the worship and service of straight alpha men around you
  • discover new insights in how to serve straight white men
  • evangelize the straight alpha male superiority
  • lose attraction to all gays but gain a sexual satisfaction previously unknown to you
  • find the peace of mind you so desperately seek

I want to hear from you faggots who have completed training and those who are going through training now. Answer me the following:

  • How many things have changed in your life since you went through training?
  • How have the promises listed above been kept?
  • Would you recommend training to other gays and queers that are not aware?
  • Would you add anything to the list above?

Speak up faggots. It’s not often I want to hear you speak or have shared your opinion.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x

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