prisonfag writes: This is going to be a different type of letter. i gave this to a friend to post here, and he will tell me the answer. i am a prisoner, locked in a state prison, where i will be for at last the next three years. i will not describe my crime, except to say that a Straight Man ordered me to do it, and to then confess to it. He said that He knew i wanted to be nothing but a sex slave, so He got me in this situation. and He is right: i am nothing but a sex slave, every day. the only rest i get is after my cellmates have used me, and They often want me again during the night or first thing in the morning. i suck Cocks, drink Piss, eat ass and am passed around like a cheap whore. my lawyer, the judge, everyone knows that i was put up to this, and they have made it clear: if i tell them who made me do this, i could be released quickly. but the Man who did this to me is Straight, and i am a faggot. Please tell me i am right to keep my faggot mouth shut, except when taking Cum and Piss from my betters. A. It is so heartening to see a faggot that really understands this is a no limits situation. So yes, faggot, you are right. your straight god told you what to do, and you did it. Do not waver or step away from your commitment. you are exactly where he wants you to be, and where you know you were born to be. Trust me, in three years, you will cry the day they release you. Make sure everyone knows what you are, and that you will do anything they want. And enjoy living the life most faggots only dream of!

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