Do you feel like a fraud?  Have you spent your whole life lying to the world about who you really are?  Do you pretend to be a powerful, successful, confident man with a good job and happy life, but you desperately want a real Man to take control, degrade you and use you?

Does your cock get hard when a real Man tells you what to do?  When a Man orders you to strip and kneel in front of Him with your head bowed, do you immediately follow His order?  Does your dick begin to leak when He calls you a faggot and orders you to beg?

Have you fantasized about being stripped, bent over and fucked while other Men watch?  Have you thought about someone you know leading you around naked with a leash attached to a collar locked around your neck? Does it terrify and thrill you to think about being exposed to other Men who can see that you are a faggot slut?

Has a Man every taken total control and used you however He wanted?  Did you secretly wish He would go even further?  Deep down, did you want Him to whore out your ass to other guys, letting cock after cock pound you and fill you?

Have you desperately waned to be stripped naked in a bar or bathhouse or club and to be exposed, helpless and hard, in front of dozens of Men?  Have you fantasized about being used by all those men, fondled, violated, fucked and then abandoned?

Do you want to kneel naked before a Man and let Him piss down your throat while other Men watch?  Do you want Him to spit on you before pounding your face with His cock?  Do you want all those Men to see you swallow His cum, then listen as He makes you thank Him for using you?  Would you let Him order your to kneel in front of all those Men and jack off while they watch and laugh?

Do you secretly hope that someone is filming all of this?  How would you feel if the video was shared with other Men?  What if the video got posted online?  What if it got sent to your ex-boyfriends and old fuckbuddies?  What if it was sent to everyone you know?

Would you let a Man you met at a club strip you down and put you in a sling?  Would you let Him strap your wrists and ankles to leave you totally at His mercy?  Would you let Him fuck you as long and as hard as He wanted?  What if He then invited His friends to join in?

What if the Man opened the door and let anyone who wanted to come in and fuck you, locked in the sling?  Would you be terrified if you saw the Man place your clothes, shoes, wallet, phone and keys in His bag, put it over His shoulder and just walk away as another cock fills your ass?  How would it feel to finally experience the total submission and the total loss of power you have always fantasized about?  Does it fill you with regret, or do you shoot the biggest load of your life?

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