Str8dude asks: I have a faggot that I’ve been using lately, and it has been awesome! it will do anything I want, including washing my car, buying me things, servicing my buddies, cleaning my house. the slave often leaves piles of cash lying around the house when it cleans!

I am new to all this, and in researching slaves, came upon this site. So here is my question: is this for real? Are these faggots really serious about all this? Mine wants me to “take it to the next level” and I’m not even sure what that means – but I am definitely interested! I am a pretty sadistic fucker, but have learned to hide that part of my nature. But it seems the faggot is encouraging me to express it!


Welcome to “Faggot Destruction” my friend. Here you will find like-minded men, and the willing faggots that exist to serve us.

The myth of faggot equality is dying, and more and more faggots are recognizing what they truly are, and in fact are embracing what they truly are. This is great news for us straight dudes, because we are genetically programmed to own slaves and use them, and the faggots exist for that purpose.

So yeah, this is all for real. You clearly have a willing faggot, one that sees your darker side and wants to support it. Don’t repress your sadistic tendencies – express them! Use the faggot any way you want, and once you’re done, think of new ways to use it. One way I like to use faggots is as ashtrays – I love to hear the sounds a faggot makes as I stub out a cigar on its ass or dickhead. Using your faggot as a urinal or toilet is a good use of one of these fags as well. The more pain, the more humiliation, the more abuse – the more the faggot will worship you.

Have fun, man! Make that faggot suffer!

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