scaredfaggot writes: i have met a Straight Man who i have been serving for about three months.  He has decided that He wants me to be His full time faggot slave, and i am happy about it.  But when i press Him for details (how will i be kept, what will He do to me, where will i sleep, etc) He refuses to tell me.  He says, “it’s none of your fucking business, faggot, just do what you’re told”  All He tells me is to sell my house and everything i own, quit my job, and show up with the cash – He even says i should get rid of all my clothes!

i want to serve Him, but isn’t it crazy to walk into a situation where i have no idea what will happen?


Jesus Fucking Christ, what the fuck is wrong with you stupid faggots?!?  Pay attention, you fucking whore: a Straight Man is telling you what to do, and you think you get to question him?!?  He has given you a direct order.  So what do you do?  You obey him.  What he will do, where you will sleep, etc, all that are just details.  IT DOESN’T MATTER.  What matters is that you submit totally, like the stupid faggot slut you are.  Do what he says.  Whatever happens to you after that is for the best.

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