Sir i went to a work party last night at my co-workers house. Her younger brother was home whom I had never met and I spent the rest of the night wanting him so bad. He was a big muscular cocky jock. He is only 20 but i know that he is 100x the man I will ever be. I had to stop myself from staring at him so much. When He announced he had to piss it took all my restraint not to follow Him. I felt so inferior in his presence.”


You felt inferior because you are inferior. I hope you realize you could be the strongest, richest, most attractive man on earth and you’d still never be 1/1,000 the man this kid is. You’re defective at a fundamental level. There is nothing you can do to change that.

You should have gone up to this kid, acknowledged his superiority and offered to do whatever you could to make him happy, whether that was cleaning for him, sucking his cock, being his source of entertainment as he verbally berated you, or just letting him humiliate you in front of everyone. He probably would have pissed on you if he knew for sure what a lowlife, faggot cum dump you are. 

You faggots are so nervous to show yourselves yet you crave exactly that which we will give you for doing so…utter disgust for what you do and hatred of you for what you are. We’re more than glad to humiliate you and treat you like shit. It’s what you faggots deserve.

“Sir, thank you for helping us faggots embrace our true place in society. I now understand that my 5 inch fag clit is useless and I should commit myself to the happiness of the Straight Alpha. I now submit every opportunity I get, like at my Straight friend’s BBQ where I offered to pay for all the meat and food and drink and then spent the entire night cleaning up after all the Straight Men present. Unprompted another fag in attendance joined me in cleaning while the real Men sat and drank.”

Now you’re using that last little bit of faggot brain you have left. Don’t forget to smile!

Originally posted 2014-06-23 00:36:50.

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