tylerthefag writes: my Master has had me in a chastity device for two and a half weeks now. Yesterday, i asked if i could have it off for me to cum and He back handed me. He grabbed me by the hair, pulling my head back so I was looking up at Him, and said “Fags are subhuman accidents. Don’t ever ask a fucking stupid question like that again. If I want you to cum, you cum. You just got yourself another three weeks, you sick faggot.” 

i then tried apologizing immensely but He said He didn’t believe i was sorry, so He broke the key to the chastity cage. 

Was i really wrong in this situation?


You’ve got to be fucking kidding me, faggot. you challenged your master, and then asked if you were wrong?

Let me explain this again: Men are Gods. and faggots like you are scum. Men are always right, faggots are usually wrong. If your master tells you the sky is green, then you better damn well believe it is green. 

What your master did was exactly what you needed. He is being incredibly kind by paying attention to you and by training you. you should be thanking him every day – not looking to get off.

Plus, the ability to cum is something that is only for real men. the fact that faggots have the ability to cum is a freak of nature. I know a faggot that has been locked in chastity for 15 years – and you’re complaining about two and a half weeks?! you need to be more grateful.

Go to your master and apologize, and tell him that whatever he decides is of course right, that you were insolent and stupid to even think of questioning his wisdom, and that you never will again. And if he never takes off the cage, be fucking grateful that he is showing you how to be a better faggot.

Don’t fuck up again, fag. 

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