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When Johnny Fell In Love

Little Johnny had been hanging out in a local park’s filthy public men’s room for months now, looking for his next hit of straight sperm. It had become Johnny’s drug of choice. Of course he enjoyed his weed, poppers, and speed, but no other drug compared to straight dick and straight cum.

He hadn’t expected the straight men he encountered to treat him so roughly at first. He was surprised the first time he sucked off a straight guy’s cock. It was a big one, real long and fat, and when it came through the glory hole in the dirty public bathroom Johnny instinctually dropped to the ground.

He felt the sticky floor grab onto his jeans where his knees hit the tiles beneath hm as he greedily sucked down on the massive cock, so different from his small, insignificant dicklet. He went down on it as deeply as he possibly could, or so he thought, as the back of his throat stretched more tightly around the huge intruder.

The straight stud ended up pounding the fag’s face in hard with his fat cock as the faggot gagged and choked. Yet he never-backed away from the superior penis trapped in his gullet. Throat slime was pouring out the sides of little Johnny’s mouth as he forced his head down even harder on the massive appendage before him. Tears shot out of his eyes as he choked himself on the oversized cock. He thought he might pass out and it was at that moment he felt a spark, the spark of true love.

When this most recent straight dude came in the dirty restroom and stood next to Johnny at the row of urinals, the faggot knew this guy was as straight as they come, by his cocky attitude, obscene bulge, and comfort with his near nakedness. He was filthy from working on his car. He appeared to have grease stains all over his hot muscular body and he was clearly intrigued, or at least disgusted, by the fag’s interest in him.

The straight Adonis next to Johnny wore tight running shorts showing of a sizable bulge, a pair of Adidas classic white tennis shoes, and nothing else. He reeked of manliness. Little faggot Johnny couldn’t help but spring a tiny boner when this dude dropped his shorts right next to him, showing off his long, thick cut cock. It wasn’t even nearly hard yet and it was easily 8 inches long, with a fat apple shaped head and thick, long shaft. Johnny instinctually dropped to the ground, weakling in some old cum and staining the worn-out-in-the-knee “sticky jeans” he so loved to wear when  trolling for straight cock.

The straight stud looked the faggot in the eye with contempt and out of nowhere kicked Johnny in the balls with the hard white tennis shoe on his right foot. When Johnny gathered his bearings and got back up on his knees, he proceeded to thank the stud for kicking him. He had learned throughout the months he’d been coming here to shut up, put up, and put out for the straight men who wanted to use him. He loved every second of the abuse. At first they’d do things that he’d later cry about at home but he quickly learned to love being hit and kicked, being spit on, and being pissed on and in. He gladly served as a urinal and punching bag to any number of straight guys that visited the sleazy restroom. It seemed to attract them and this filthy men’s room became Johnny’s “happy place.”

That’s all Johnny could think about about, what a sleazy whore he had become over such a short summer. On the outside, everyone saw Johnny as a well behaved, honorable, hard working sweet choir boy but he was secretly doing drugs and busy servicing straight studs’ cocks. The drugs just enhanced the abuse he so craved. The chemicals he ingested made the abuse tolerable, and even enjoyable.

Johnny stared into his tormentor’s eyes as he watched the man grab his dick with one hand and the fag’s neck with his other hand. He smashed his dick pastt the faggot’s swollen, cocksucking lips as his cock entered the fag’s mouth. He smacked the side of Johnny’s face with his now free hand and held him strongly by the neck with the other, effectively throat fucking and choking poor little Johnny.

The faggot could hardly even cough or sputter with the cock submerged in his throat. He held on for dear life and took a sip of air any chance he got. His internal voice begged to breathe, but he dare not push the straight man away. He’d rather choke to death on a straight dick than lose the opportunity to serve this straight God.

Though he struggled to breathe through all the choking and gagging, the fag knew then and there that this was love he felt. His only true boyfriend would ever be the straight cocks he so desperately needed. No gay man could ever serve that purpose in the faggot’s life. No, Johnny would never have a traditional boyfriend, or one that loved him back. It was the thick, hot, straight white sticky cum that filled his soul with meaning, made his life have purpose. It was straight cock and straight sperm that he fell in love with and as he groveled on the floor beneath this straight white superior, he knew he’d found his next boyfriend, in the most unlikely of places.

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