Who would have thought you’d meet your new boyfriend in a filthy men’s public restroom? You say it sitting there covered in straight men’s puss and cum.

You could smell it from across the room and the scent was intoxicating to your faggot senses. You took in a whiff of your new boyfriend’s cologne, a mixture of stale cum and piss with just a hint of pubes and ass.

You stared at its structured form and couldn’t help but deep to your knees and start kissing the rim of his porcelain cock. Your tongue slowly moved across his bowl and you used your lips and your tongue to clean that toilet bowl.

You felt yourself fall more deeply in love as other men came in the room and say you and your new boyfriend making out.

Wild horses couldn’t pull you off of it. You suctioned yourself to the toilet and let other men piss and cum on you while you made out with the sexy white toilet you considered your new boyfriend.

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