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    That’s definitely something I’m very very interested in as well. My dick is not big when flaccid, but big when stiff. I would love to get to the point where I can always wear a cage like this https://lockthecock.ca/collections/metal-male-chastity-devices/products/stainless-steel-silver-cock-lock-chastity-device?variant=35894512812198 and the dick shrinks permanently. Is something like this possible? What can I do to get there?

    in reply to: Daily list of self-hate #13524

    it hates itself for being scum
    it hates itself for being perverted
    it hates itself for not being a real man
    it hates itself for having lied to real men
    it hates itself for cheating real men out of their inherent rights
    it hates itself for stealing from real men
    it hates itself for being a loser
    it hates itself for not being able to be just a hole
    it hates itself for being so ugly
    it hates itself for not giving its all
    it hates itself for still having an ego
    it hates itself for still owning things
    it hates itself for being so stupid
    it hates itself for being diseased
    it hates itself, it hates itself, it hates itself

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    it hates itself because it is a worthless faggot
    it hates itself because it has got its drug addiction under control
    it hates itself because it has too weak a personality
    it hates itself because it gets its pathetic dick hard
    it hates itself because it cannot assert itself
    it hates itself because it always wants harmony
    it hates itself because it does not manage to feed on extraordinarily little
    it hates itself because it does not exercise enough
    it hates itself because it does not offer itself a master
    it hates itself because it always comes here repeatedly
    it hates itself for trying to be noticed

    in reply to: DINO FAG EXPOSURE #12764

    I think, the registration is good to let the normal people know about what sick life is around them. So they can take care of them self and their people. I think, this is not unusual in the US, they have some register, so far I know. And for you as a faggot it is sealed, to have it black on white. It is a big gift of SIR TODD to have such a register about faggots. If you also show your phone, you maybe give straight white alphas the chance to catch you. So it is maybe also a benefit finding a Master.

    in reply to: DINO FAG EXPOSURE #12738

    You should ask SIR TODD for this.

    in reply to: Are gay men the same as faggots? #8570

    I think, gays and faggots are the same Thing. Okay, before I found this Website, I had a different opinion. But now, after study (and I’ve read every written word (esp. from god) like a dusk sucker)) it is easy and clear. Gays are something that should not happen. Something went wrong in the past, and for long time, I was a part of this wrong thinking and bad behaviour community. Now I know, I am a faggot, worthless, disgusting, a shame at all. And in a better world, Society would: 1. register them all. 2. Forbitten all homosexuality behaviours between these perverts. 3. take all civil rights of them. and call them official faggots. Gays are nothing, but closed faggots.

    I can not anymore seriously accept a gay Master. He is gay, and so the Master must be fake. He is nothing as a faggot.

    in reply to: What aspects of reality do you see in a new light? #8098

    I always – with breaks – come back to the lessons and read them. And I know, even I did it many times, I am just at the beginning to learn und understand what I am. But I had two big moments, when I started to understand and had an experience like an enlightment. One of theses moments was, when I awake the feeling inside me, when I was a teen and recognized what I am, and felt fear, and wrong, and that everybody would hate me if someone would discover it. I found that feeling again, and in this moment it was like a stone would drop – because I understand now, that this feeling of shame and to be wrong WAS RIGHT. It is the truth! The stone, which droped from my shoulders was the lie about myself, or what I learnd from the ‘community’ about equality. No – it is wrong, and I should be hatred for what I am – this is right and nothing is bad about this!

    The second moment I had an ‘enlightment’ was, when God answered my question here and told me to apologize to my brother for my bad behaviour, when he asked me for a blow job some years ago. First moment, I thought, I never would do that – but a little time later, when high on meth, and doing my lessons, it grow to a big picture inside me, that of course is right! I should be happy to have such a brother, and it was a big failure of me, not to do it. And I felt a shame again. And I felt very sad about the chance I had and for the wrong way I have choosen. But, next time when wanking the pathetic dick, I was thinking about to give my brother a blow job. And I just had this picture in mind. This was the first time, and some month before I NEVER thought this would EVER happen. I know, this is the right path, and I want only follow this path!

    These are two big aspects I see in very new light. And I know I never can give it back, what I owe to straight white man. And I owe God my life for the chance to learn and understand now.

    in reply to: Straight Men: Find a local faggot to use #8072

    Germany, Frankfurt – [email protected] – my tumblr is http://shavedandbooted.tumblr.com/
    44, 189cm, 90kg. shaved head, removed eye-brows and sometimes also eye-leash, few tattoos, almost always in camos, boots or sneaks, t-shirt, bomberjacket.

    in reply to: What additions/changes would you like to see? #8059

    Hello God, thank you for all the study material, the lessons they helped to see and accept the truth. All the material you provided, its easy to learn – but seriously also mindfucked and a real brainwash.

    If you allow this fag to talk about things it would like to see on the website, my wish is:

    – lessons they force to build deep shame and self hatred
    – audio file (hypnofile) about shame and self hatred
    – almost every time when I read postings of you God, I would like instantly praise you! Is it possible to have something like ‘thumbs up’ (of course a symbol that would please God, instead the thumb)?

    Thank you God!

    in reply to: Apologizing #7571

    I will deeply apologize to all straight white men for

    – watching and observing to mimic their behaviour and how they walk and moves
    – disregarding their inborn SUPERIOR rights
    – supporting the gay rights and legalizing them in society
    – claimed to be a proud gay
    – the big lie I lived so many years and copying their look without permission
    – the damage on society, for being a fag
    – for being reckless and bring their families in risk
    – for the greedy behaviour of gays
    – beeing selfish

    in reply to: if only it had never come out #7562

    hello fag brother. just want say, feel same like you. I deeply regret what I have done many years ago, when I had my coming out. That was another big failure I really ashamed on now. That was selfish and dumb. Now I understand, that I have lived a big mistake so many years. To be gay is so unnatural, disgusting, and totally sick to think it would right to be in love with a man. I feel now which big shit I have done. I brought shame over my family. It was reckless and irresponsible how to play with the standing in society of my straight brothers and their families. And the pain it must for my mother, and how ashamed she has been after that sick acting of me, when she met people of her town. I understand and feel what a ugly perverted sick faggot I am. No one of my family has deserved that, to get in connection with such a lowlife I am. I damaged many people’s life in past with simple to be gay, I can never make amends. But I feel now that gays should not have special rights – on the contrary they should have less rights in society. Just to not harm other right people with their existence.

    in reply to: Daily list of self-hate #7561

    new here, and started last day with boot camp, always on meth and repeat them many times.

    Would like to start the self-hate list as part of progress and to think about it more intense.

    I hate myself because I am a disgusting freak thing called gay
    I hate myself because I am so weak and loser
    I hate myself not seeing what I really am when older straight brother (family with childs) offered sex a few years ago
    I hate myself for felt offended when he does it
    I hate myself for the lie – the big lie I lived
    I hate myself for copying a real man’s body move or attitude to try to build own.
    I hate myself for the shame I brought over family
    I hate myself for staring in white straight men’s eyes on street
    I hate myself for always say/write as ‘I’ or ‘me’ instead ‘it’
    I hate myself for beeing so shy
    I hate myself for looking masculine but feeling scared
    I hate myself for not perm lock the pathetic dick away or seriously looking for castration
    I hate myself for not beeing strong enough to finally rid off all sox and only wear boots without sox
    I hate myself for beeing an arrogant asshole some times

    Thank you

    in reply to: Faggot Study Guides #7560

    I read them in one part! These lessons are mind blowing. Thank you so much for posting them here.

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